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books i read in october 🍂

It's the month of Halloween and I truly did my part as a bibliophile to celebrate by reading an abundance of spooky, atmospheric books. Generally I seemed to either really love or really hate what I read, so without further ado here is my October wrap up!

No. of books read:8❇ Pages read: 2956❇ Genres: 2 fantasy, 1 contemporary, 3 horror/paranormal historical fiction, 1 YA mystery, 1 poetry collection

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

I was so ready to love this book. I was all set to be whisked away into a world of gothic mansions and cobwebs and cults and witchy grandmothers in creaky rocking chairs writing dark fairy tales in leather-bound notebooks. Unfortunately, the truly stunning cover did not live up to the story it packages.
For me, not only was this book incredibly boring but I also feel it’s mismarketed as a YA fantasy. It takes us almost 250 out of 360 pages to even get into the fantasy aspect, by which time my expectations had been so betrayed and I honestly couldn’t h…