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books i read in april ⚘

I'm really pleased with how my reading went this month! Due to hitting a bit of a reading slump at the beginning of the month, I ended up getting around to two very overdue rereads of some all-time favourite books - We Are The Ants and The Fault In Our Stars  - as well as discovering a couple of new favourites too. I also read a book from the library for the first time in ages! (even though I kind of hated it whoops) I hope you enjoy my reviews! ♡ ✨ Number of books read: 9  ✨ Ratings: 1 x ★★ / 2 x ★★★ / 3 x ★★★★ / 3 x ★★★★★ (i ncluding 2 rereads) ✨ Genres: 3 YA contemporary, 1 adult contemporary, 1 NA romance, 2 historical fiction, 1 fantasy, 1 magical realism THE NOWHERE GIRLS by Amy Reed Rating: ★★★★.5 This book was SO GOOD. The Nowhere Girls is the perfect empowering YA feminist contemporary and it made my heart sing to see this intersectional group of women linking arms and ending the oppression of their gender. While at the heart