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books i read in may

✨ Number of books read:8 ✨ Ratings:1 x ★★ / 1 x ★★★ / 6 x ★★★★✨ Genres: 2 literary fiction, 2 romance, 1 adult contemporary, 2 YA contemporary, 1 fantasy

STAY WITH ME by Ayobami Adebayo Rating: ★★★
This was a really enjoyable literary fiction story that vividly captures a woman's desperate attempt to get pregnant, and the subsequent agonies of loss. Adebayo delved into a number of important themes that I love to read about, including love, loyalty, family, jealousy, betrayal, identity, culture and, at the centre of it all, motherhood. I really liked the way the novel was structured, with the majority of the book set in the 1980s and recounting the growing tensions and cracks that begin to emerge in Yejide and Akin's marriage due to Yejide's struggle to conceive, while at the very beginning and very end of the book we see them years later in 2008 as they prepare to see eachother again for the first time after decades have passed. Though none of the characters in the book ar…