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mid year book freakout tag 🌻

2020 has been... rough. In this post I'm going to be 'freaking out' about books, but I've pretty much been freaking out in general since January 1st. With a pandemic enveloping the world, A-Level exams one minute being fast approaching and the next suddenly cancelled, exploding movements for social justice and a more personal perpetual anxiety of going to university in a couple of months, I've sort of been all over the place for most of this year so far. But on a more positive note, lockdown has allowed me to get tons more reading done than I would ever have been able to achieve had my exams (and normal life generally) gone ahead. This year so far I have read 38 books. I would say that this isn't quite as high a number as I would ideally like, but recently I've been really making an effort to shrug off any internal pressure to read a large number of books each month, and instead read at my own pace and take my time with the books I read in order